Here are some projects I have been working on in my MSIDT program.


This project was based on an article that synthesized the use of the three major learning theories, Behaviorism, Cognitivism, and Humanism in instruction.  This was my first ever group project, it was a blast! I learned from, Christopher Fondacaro, the narrator, how to put a script together and watched how he laid out our 42 slide production.  Molly Ford gave our project a sense of style with her presentation of the founders of behaviorism (our project focus).  And if you see those little floating icon bubbles, that’s me.  I also helped with the timeline and the stats lesson at the end.  Click on the button below to view the lesson and go get a coffee because it’s going to take a little while to download. Enjoy!

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Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy

Kinetic Energy Lesson 2

The aim for this project was to create a cohesive lesson plan with two other classmates and deliver it by narrating a VoiceThread.

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Instructional Design Clientele

Clientele presentation

The challenge in this exercise was to create a tutorial from an undisclosed classmate’s flow chart and storyboards.  Cameryn Williams, the secret classmate, drafted very clear instructions so it was easy to follow.

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Spelling Lesson

Spelling Lesson

I really had fun exploring all the different kinds of interactions I could use in this spelling lesson on Captivate.

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We had only a few days to put together a video presentation to teach one concept in instructional design.  The kids were good sports and gave me a lot to work with.  And in case I didn’t convey the meaning of this clip very well, we don’t actually climb the mountain everyday to measure this tree. It is just for effect, it would not be a very efficient use of classroom time. Simulations can take the place of long term experiments or even dangerous ones and can situate and prepare the learner for problem solving and critical thinking.


The Road to Design

The Road to Design Project

Amanda Carpenter, Jacqueline-Joy Austria, Ryan Stanford, and myself each took a portion of the project to teach new instructional designers about storyboarding and flow charting.  My portion included some of the key people involved in the drafting of storyboards.  I used the Link-Word Method of memorization in which the learner tries to make absolutely ridiculous associations to link familiar information with unfamiliar material in order to commit it to long-term memory. My next goal is to learn how to create the animations like the ones Ryan did in the flow chart and storyboard section.  It was awesome how he synced it with the narration.

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