Final Project

Revised Version

Launch Presentation

The evaluation process of my project was so enjoyable. The Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Instructional Design Experts (IDEs) gave me such great suggestions for improvement on the design of this learning object. I made some major changes and I will be using some of your suggestions on future projects.  Thank you all for your collaboration!

First Draft

Launch Presentation

This learning object works as an advance organizer to prepare the student by introducing new concepts in anatomy.  It can be used as an aid for the learner as he/she reads through a text or listens to a lecture.  It is also a starting point for model-based learning, where learners draw their own models of concepts or systems to construct their learning and revise their own understanding of anatomy.

My personal challenge in this project was to learn the basics in drawing on Adobe Illustrator.  The drawings are very simple, crude even, but for a first-timer not as easy as it looks.  Contrasting colors, thinking in terms of shape building, and translating from more realistic drawings to abstract were the challenges I faced.  My purpose in this project was to bring anatomy to a level at which my children could digest. Many of the apps and pictures on the internet are a little too detailed and graphic for them.  It also saved me some time trying to look for ‘just the right photograph’ that probably would have been copyrighted and would need to be paid for anyways.