These are great educational resources.

Reading and Writing by Lucy Calkins

This curriculum is very teacher intensive but it will inspire your child to read and write beyond all expectations.

Spelling by Denise Eide

This spelling curriculum is very interactive and is rule based.

Foundations Spelling CurriculumEssentials Spelling Curriculum

Math & Science from Singapore Math

The Singapore math curriculum gives your student a foundation in mental math and modeling in word problems.  The Biology Matters is good for conceptual learning.

Primary Mathematics 2A Workbook  Biology Matters Textbook

Reading Fundamentals by Siegfried Engelmann

I was half asleep until about lesson 50 when I realized my little girl was reading!

History by Susan Wise Bauer

We listen to the MP3s.  My children can’t get enough of this.

The Story of the World

Science from Apologia

We also listen to this one on Audible by Amazon.  It roughly covers God’s creation classifying each under the five kingdoms.

Exploration Creation with Biology


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