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Begin with a Rough Draft

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This blog, this website, this homeschool endeavor is in itself a rough draft of what I would envision an ideal situation would be. In this photo the kids (I’ll go around the circle: Ester, Malachi, Lydia, Elanor (Ella), and Azrikam. The kids got to choose their own pseudonyms.) and Amanda, my fellow homeschool mom, are reading aloud each other’s fictional stories and giving feedback. These kids all really love to write fiction. It is a shame Amanda and I have to sort of tear away their attention to reality and teach them how to write essays and such.

This is my first blog post, ever. The whole whole concept of social media is a little terrifying for me. Saying things for the whole word to see and reading about each other’s lives is such an immense form of communication. I have been wanting to try to build a website for the kids to publish their finished work. They want to receive comments from their cousins and friends overseas as well. I finally purchased one of the WordPress themes to help me start building the site because of an assignment that was due in my master’s program in Instructional Design and Technology at CSU Fullerton. So please bear with me as I construct this site. For you homeschool moms wondering how I did this, a Chinese friend of mine, her Dutch South African husband told me that I must purchase a domain on a server. This means that someplace in the world there is a giant warehouse that stores giant hard drives that are kept under controlled conditions so that you can store your unlimited digital information on a website for a yearly fee. I had them install WordPress on the main domain and Moodle on a subdomain, both were open-source organizational tools. WordPress is an easy to use web development platform. And Moodle is a learning management system used for grading, communicating with classmates, and assignment exchanges between the student and teacher. I would eventually like to put a button somewhere on the WordPress site to connect it to the Moodle site. Not sure how to do that, yet. Please feel free to comment 🙂

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  1. Amanda

    This is a great start for us! I really like how you gave some details to get people started with the digital homeschooling endeavor. I am sure its a great start to get people to ask questions. Like, how did you purchase the domain on a server? Did you go to a website for that? Are there different options out there?
    Thanks so much for journeying alongside us and adding your expertise to our homeschooling experience! Really excited about doing more with this as we both learn it.

    September 21, 2016

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